Curry Selection

Here is a selection of age old popular and favourite curries now specially prepared for the Mint in a unique style. All these dishes are carefully prepared with fresh ingredients and freshly ground spices and herbs.

Malayan (Mild)

A mildly spiced dish, prepared with pineapples, fruit juices, coconuts and cream to create a beautifully balanced flavour.

Korma (Very Mild)

A delicate preparation of curd, cream and selected spice, producing a very mild flavour.

Chicken or Lamb - £6.95

Prawn - £6.95

Chicken Tikka or Lamb Tikka - £7.25

Haash (Duck) - £7.95

King Prawn - £10.95

Mixed Vegetable - £6.50


A thoroughly garnished dish with onion, garlic, tomato, selected spices, extensively treated to provide a delicious medium strength, a little condensed but most tasteful.

Rogan Josh

Specially prepared with pimento and garlic, garnished with tomato, medium hot


A medium quantity of onions seasoned and freshly treated with dozens of spices and herbs to produce a medium hot taste


A hot & sour tasty dish prepared with garlic, red chilli, onion, capsicum and tomato puree. Sweet & sour


A beautiful combination of spices, with pineapple and lentil mixed with curd, producing a sour, sweet and hot taste.


Cooked with fresh spinach then mixed with a combination of spices to produce a medium hot taste

Madras (Hot)

A popular dish from the Madras province, which consists of rich, hot and sour tastes. Prepared extensively with chilli, lemon juice & tomato puree.

Vindaloo (Very Hot)

A fabulously rich, fiery hot taste. Ginger and red chilli are a few spices to add quality to this dish, as it is the most extravagantly hot.

Chicken or Lamb - £6.50

Prawn - £6.50

Chicken Tikka or Lamb Tikka - £7.25

Haash (Duck) - £7.95

King Prawn - £10.95

Mixed Vegetable - £6.25