Fish Specialities

The Bengali's are noted for having spawned more intellectuals than any other part of India, and this is often ascribed to the fact that they eat so much fish. Some of our fish dishes may contain small bones.

Machli Tikka - £8.95

Salmon marinated with herbs and spices then barbecued in a clay oven. Served on a bed of spiced potatoes and cauliflower.

Machli Jul Ayre - £7.95

Bangladeshi fish cooked in a delicious homemade sauce.

Lime and Ginger Sea Bass On the bone - £10.95

Pan - fried fillet of Sea Bass served on a bed of sauteed spinach and red pepper. Accompanied by cumin new potatoes.

Tandoori King Prawn Mossalla N D - £10.95

Marinated king prawns, cooked on charcoal, cooked with a thick, mild creamy sauce.

Jhinga Special King Prawn - £10.95

Whole king prawn in shell cooked in a home made sauce.

King Prawn Jalfrezi - £10.95

King prawns grilled over charcoal and then fried with tomatoes, onions, green peppers and green chillies.

Roop Chanda (Bangladeshi fish) - £7.95

Grilled whole fish cooked with herbs & spices.

Monk Fish Mosalla N D - £8.95

Freshly marinated Monk Fish prepared in a tandoori oven and cooked in a very mild creamy sauce.

Shaan-e-Bay of Bengal - £10.95

A selection of seafood, Bengali fish, served with king prawns.

King Prawn Bora - £10.95

Sweet & sour tasty dish cooked with garlic, onions and capiscum, served with special fluffy bread.