House Specialisties

Tikka Mossala Chicken or Lamb N D - £6.95

This dish is marinated and grilled on charcoal and cooked with thick, mild, creamy sauce.

Chasni Tikka Chicken or Lamb N D - £6.95

Very popular dish from Calcutta) Boneless marinated chicken, garnished with almonds, yoghurt and mango chutney to give a very mild taste.

Tandoori Makhani Mossala N D - £6.95

Boneless tandoori chicken in a very mild creamy sauce.

Passanda Chicken or Lamb N D - £6.95

Tender pieces of lamb or chicken marinated with spices, cooked with ground almonds, fresh cream and herbs. Slightly sour to taste.

Butter Chicken N D - £6.95

Boneless Tandoori Chicken cooked in very mild creamy sauce, topped off with smooth creamy butter.

Achari Chicken or Lamb - £7.25

Cooked with pickles, herbs and spices. Tangy and hot

Assame Jalfriezi Chicken or Lamb - £7.25

This dish is cooked with fresh green chilli and fresh coriander leaves, garnished with a slice of lemon, semi dry dish. Hot & slightly sour to taste.

Northern Indian Garlic Chilli Chicken or Lamb - £7.25

Steam cooked in a hot chilli - garlic sauce. Garnished with coriander. Hot and very spicy to taste.

Korai Chicken or Lamb - £7.25

This dish is prepared in a cast iron Korai (wok). A rich flavour is obtained by using fresh ginger, garlic, green peppers, onions & coriander. Ask for green chillies for extra bite.

Chilli Massala Chicken or Lamb - £7.25

Chicken cooked with fresh ginger and green chillies & just a hint of garlic.

Jeera Chicken - £7.25

Tender pieces of chicken marinated in garlic and ginger. Cooked in fresh fried cumin seeds & other delicious spices.

Marricha Chicken or Lamb - £7.25

Cooked with fresh coriander, green chillies and chillies pickle - very spicy

Garlic Chilli Rezella Chicken or Lamb - £7.25

Tandoor based meat in a medium to hot sauce & garnished with ghee-fried garlic.

Lamb Mint Yoghurt N D - £7.25

Tender lamb cooked in a delicious mint yoghurt sauce.

Afghan Chana Chicken or Lamb - £7.25

A famous dish from Afghanistan. Tender lamb or chicken stewed with Afghan chick peas in spicy fresh lemon juice Garnished with a touch of fresh coriander and fresh ginger. Medium and slightly sour to taste.

Shaslik Bhuna Chicken or Lamb - £7.95

Indian style, stir fry dish with seasonal vegetables, spicy with fresh chillies.

Jaipuri Chicken or Lamb - £7.95

A very popular dish from Jaipur, marinated and grilled in the tandoori and cooked with fried mushrooms, fried onions, and fried capsicum, with fresh Punjab mossala in a thick sauce. Highly recommended.

Gurka Mosalla Chicken or Lamb - £7.95

Tender pieces of chicken or lamb cooked with lamb mince with our chefs own unique spices. Very highly recommend.

Nihari Chicken or Lamb - £7.95

Marinated in mustard and cinnamon sauce, producing a very rich though slightly fiery sauce.

Anarkali -  £7.95

Off the bone whole breast of chicken stuffed with minced lamb fried in butter, then cooked in a special medium spiced sauce. Hot on request.

Haash-R-Ananash - £7.95

Breast of duck cooked in a spicy sauce, and finished with fresh pineapple, coconut & ground almonds.

Chicken / Lamb Shatkora Achari - £7.95

A medium dish cooked with Indian lemon & spices, cooked with pickle.

Chicken Kashmiri - £7.95

Mild creamy curry cooked with ground nuts & spices, mixed with fruits.

Tandoori Murgi Mossala - £7.95

Spring Chicken cooked in Tandoori with Fresh Herbs & spices, medium curry with lamb mince and fresh egg.

Chicken Bora - £7.95

Sweet & sour tasty dish cooked with garlic, onions and capiscum, served with special fluffy bread

Chicken / Lamb Naga - £7.95

Cooked fairly hot with special Indian chillies