Traditional Starters

All starters are served with green salad and mint sauce

Sheek Kebab - £3.95

Traditional skewered lamb mince distinctively flavoured with coriander, garlic & ginger creating an abundance of taste.

Shami Kebab - £3.95

Spicy minced lamb shallow fried flat.

Chicken Pakora - £4.25

Succulent pieces of chicken marinated in various spices and herbs, roasted in the tandoor then coated in gram flour & deep fried.

Chicken or Lamb Tikka - £4.25

Succulent pieces of chicken or lamb marinated in various spices & herbs, roasted in the tandoor and laced with Kashmiri Royal Cumin.

Tandoori Chicken On the bone - £4.25

Chicken breast or leg marinated in various tandoori spices & herbs then roasted in a tandoor.

Nargis Kebab - £4.25

Boiled egg dressed with mince lamb then deep fried and garnished with omelette.

Chicken Tikka Chatt - £4.25

Diced chicken tikka pieces, mildly spiced with a delicate use of chatt massala sauce on a bed of a soft flat thin bread.

Stuffed Pepper Chicken or Lamb - £4.25

Whole pepper barbecued in clay oven, served with filling.

Tikka Fillet Pakora - £4.25

Strips of chicken coated in gram flour, deeply fried.

Tetul Mix - £4.95

Succulent lamb and chicken tikka together with button mushrooms crunchy onions and capsicum-pan fried in tangy tamarind served with a paratha. Highly Recommend.

Chicken Shaslik - £4.95

Chicken tikka, crispy onions and capsicum marinated in subtle tandoori spices.

Tikka Garlic & Mushroom Chicken or Lamb - £4.95

Marinated chicken or lamb tikka cooked in a clay oven then fried with garlic & mushrooms.

Katia Kebab - £4.95

Tandoori Sheek kebab roll served with salad & rolled in a chapati

Chicken Tikka Roll - £4.95

Barbeque chicken cooked in tandoori served with salad onions & tomato roll in nan bread

Lamb Chop - £4.95

Marinated lamb chops cooked in tandoori.

Tikka Platter Starter for two - £10.95

Tandoori chicken, lamb tikka, chicken tikka & sheek kebab