Vegetable Starters

All starters are served with green salad and mint sauce.

Mixed Vegetable Pakora Crisp nuggets of mixed - £3.25

Vegetables and spices, coated with spiced batter and deep fried.

Onion Bhajee - £3.25

Crisp onions moulded into a mesh then deep fried with gram flour batter until golden brown.

Samosa Vegetable or Lamb - £3.25

Deep fried savoury pastries with an array of delicious meat or vegetable filling.

Panir Tikka - £3.95

Indian cheese spiced lightly with herbs and spices and laced with cardamom and roasted gently in the tandoor.

Stuffed Pepper Vegetable - £3.95

Whole pepper barbecued in clay oven, served with filling.

Spicy Potato with Garlic & Mushroom - £3.95

Mashed potato nuggets in aromatic spices, coated with spiced batter and deep fried. Served on a bed of fried garlic & mushrooms.

Afgan Chatt Chick peas cooked in medium strength - £3.25

Condensed sauce then wrapped in soft flat thin bread.

Shobji Platter Starter for two - £8.95

Vegetable pakora, onion bhajee, vegetable samosa.